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My Priorities and Perspectives

With so many complex issues on the horizon, I am committed to 
being clear and specific about my priorities. While much work is 
undertaken by city council to ensure an effectively run city, I believe
these are the key issues facing Belvedere in the coming years and
should be the highest priority.

Measure D 
While there are many urgent issues facing the city, I know Measure D is on the minds of many citizens. As such, I want to address it directly with Belvedere residents. I support Measure D.  It is a common-sense, practical solution to address fragile, aging infrastructure that is in disrepair on San Rafael Avenue and Beach Road. These are the only two roads on and off the island. They are 80+ years old and no work has been done to appropriately retrofit or protect them from the realities of today’s world – increased fire risk, ongoing seismic concerns, and rising sea levels. For more please click here.


Local Oversight & Approval of Housing Developments
I strongly support Belvedere’s independent review and approval of all types housing improvements and developments. This includes advocacy on a state level to challenge unfair housing laws and mandates. More locally, it means listening to residents and supporting our existing General Plan and community development goals.


Make City Hall Work Better 

I have championed and will continue to advocate for clear and consistent home building standards and review criteria, so that Belvedere property owners have a clear path to improve their homes and are assured a fair application of all design and municipal codes. Renovating or building a home is hard and it's expensive. City Hall shouldn't make it harder – City Hall should work for city residents.  I've worked to streamline approvals and clarify planning and building policies.  I commit to continue the work. 


Renewing our Focus Public Safety & Preparedness

I believe it is important to protect our critical roadways and to ensure Belvedere residents have safe means of egress and access to emergency care. This includes supporting Measure D, which funds repairs and seismic upgrades to help stabilize and protect San Rafael Avenue and Beach Road in the event of a natural disaster. Additionally, Belvedere's commitment to the Richardson Bay Regional Agency keeps us involved as a primary stakeholder as we seek to maintain and improve safety and environmental protection throughout our corner of the Bay. 

Ensure Citizens Have a Voice and a Vote
As a council member, I believe it is our duty and responsibility to ensure all voters weigh in on significant, city-wide decisions. That is why I voted to bring Measure D to the ballot in November. These important decisions need to be discussed openly and publicly and all citizens should be encouraged to voice their opinions and exercise their votes. 

Transparent, Citizen-Led Governance
I believe in independent, citizen-led governance to ensure integrity and transparency. Public meetings should be available to everyone – whether in person or via Zoom. Major municipal projects, including Measure D if passed, need to have clear citizen-led oversight and control.

Please reach out with any questions you have or thoughts you would like to share about these or other subjects:

Safeguarding Belvedere's Future

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