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A little about me.

My wife, our twins Ethan and Kathryn, and I moved to Belvedere

more than ten years ago from the East Coast. We were drawn to

Belvedere because of its incredible natural beauty and its strong
sense of community.  

I grew up on the East Coast and attended high school with my now wife, Elizabeth Needham.  We've been married for thirty years this October. I graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont, then moved to New York City and worked in publishing at Time Inc. and with Martha Stewart Living. Working with Martha helped foster an entrepreneurial spirit which led me to found my own real estate development company which I've been running with projects and properties on both coasts since 2000.  

My first experience and involvement with the City of Belvedere was when we began renovating our home on Crest Road.  As I'm sure many of you can relate, this was a challenging experience. I've since built two additional homes in Belvedere and I've learned quite a bit about the obstacles we all face in the Planning and Building process.

Instead of getting frustrated or angry, I decided to step up and try to help improve the experience for others. 

I have always been an active volunteer and have given my time and energy to serve the communities where we live. I applied for and was appointed to served as a Belvedere Planning Commission member in 2015, where I served as vice chair and as chair for three years.  


Beyond the Commission work, I've chaired the Objective Design Development Standards Sub-committee, chaired the Floodplain Analysis Sub-committee, was a member of the ongoing Construction Impact Committee, and worked on the Fire Tax Citizen’s Committee to ensure well-funded fire and emergency services.

Volunteering on the Commission and these committees has given me a front row seat to learn an immense amount about our city, its codes and policies, and most importantly, the character and priorities of our citizens.  In all my work with the City of Belvedere my approach has been to commit the time to thoroughly understand the issues, listen to everyone involved, and to openly discuss my thoughts and views.

I take my service to the city seriously.  I am meticulously prepared. I sweat the small stuff so you, as a citizen, don’t have to.

Safeguarding Belvedere's Future

Hands on experience  •  Years of service  •  Ready to lead


Paid for by Peter Mark for City Council 2022

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